The mobile energy source with a capacity of 59 Wh , which has an energy consumption of merely approx. Fortunately, the observed temperatures in the practical WLAN mode , meaning internet-surfing and writing texts, turned out to be less dramatic. It looks different with surface finish of the display, though. Of course, the battery runtime. The display hinges have also turned out very exemplary. The Good Very inexpensive inch Netbook; decent keyboard and battery. Acer states the maximum storage allocation to have a total of 2 GB.

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Review Acer Aspire One D Netbook – Reviews

The reflective display surface makes working with the device outdoors to an ordeal. Don’t wirelesx this again. If it’s aod15-1577 all present, Acer uses a Bluetooth 2. The offered figure keys turn out slightly smaller than those of the Asus Eee PC HA 17x16mm and even considerably smaller than those in the Samsung NC10 17x17mmmeasuring The offered wirelesss presents somewhat smaller keys than diverse competitors in the 10 inch netbook category. They don’t only seem to be sturdy but they also hold the screen with a good amount of resistance in place but also allowing a readjusting of the opening angle with only one hand.

The touchpad key couldn’t really convince, which made the use of the Aspire One D very cumbersome.

10-inch Acer Aspire One – D150

As one of the leading vendors, Acer cannot help them selves to not taking part of these actions. The usual netbook fare of connections are found on the device. Should we really start to count them? This calls for a certain accomodation period in order to type texts reasonably error free.

Recent Drivers  DELL 5100CN PCL6 DRIVER

The D shows a new case, which tries to distinguish itself from the broad ado150-1577 through a sandwich design. Every handling to adjust the viewing angle leaves its marks here. The mobile energy source with a capacity of 59 Whwhich has an energy consumption of merely approx.

Up till now there aren’t any such models available.

But, if your computing activities are only internet browsing, read and sent some emails, and several small typing tasks, this is a very recommended netbook for you.

With this, the user would surely be able to have some unlimited connections to the internet. The keyboard stays with a maximum value of For use on the thighs this is already too much. We could surprisingly top Acer’s stated nit display brightness in our tests. This works optically, but they can’t hold a candle to real metal components, as they have been built in to Asus’ current edition of the Eee PC Eee HAfrom the feel.

In the meantime, many websites, as well as applications are intended for the common x WXGA format, making it hard for netbooks to a part. Well, its your choice anyway, so make up your mind.

The fan always started up for a short period regularly, just to reduce its velocity right away again. On the one hand, Acer delivers a very compact and also robust chassisbut for which only plastic components have been applied effectively on the surface.


Particularly the competitors have lined up well with numerous models in the 10 inch category.

On the one hand, the surface of the mobile mouse substitute could be a bit more gliding-eager and on the other the correlating key bar didn’t offer any typing comfort what so ever — completely barring of the creaking noises at pressing the key.

Acer did everything right here and put a very efficient battery in the case. How can a reflective glossy display be justified in a ultra-mobile netbook? The base unit, as well as the screen show an excellent winding stiffness and, above that, present themselves also particularly resistant against the effects of aod1501-577 impact.

The Emperor’s new clothes. Loudspeakers The employed loudspeakers turn out very much worth hearing for netbook conditions. The reflective “Acer CrystalBrite” display also can’t be counted as a strong point. This netbook has a SD memory card slot that also works for the second multi-in-one card readers.

Now the time has come and our overall impression turns out somewhat divided.