Mimi Hanks C EB mhanks byu. Using Internet Explorer you can download and upload files. To do this, login to the the Caedm account manager and select group manager. To be eligible for an account, one or more of the following must apply:. ALL users are required to change their password each year. If this happens, don’t panic, but DO take the following action:. Drive will allow you to go over your quota for a short amount of time.

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With Mozilla or Netscape you can only download files. College Personnel Electrical and Computer Engineering. The ‘groups’ and ‘www’ directory both have a special function.

SCP – CAEDM Help Pages

Do not delete the ‘groups’ directory. These are two protocols for transferring or copying files from one computer to another. Assistant to the Dean Manages faculty and staff contracts and salary issues Approves graduate student theses and dissertations Manages college space allocation and use, and classroom scheduling Coordinates college-level fellowships, scholarships and grants Serves as backup for controller on financial issues Oversees student organizations and serves as co-advisor for the student Engineering and Technology Leadership Council.

The Account Kiosk will also share the door code to the labs at the end of the account creation process. Then, follow these instructions:.


You should always safely stop your USB drive. If left locked, the session will eventually time-out and the user will be automatically logged out. The lab machines have some software locally installed, and ccaedm of the software is accessed through remote computing resources like RGS and Citrix.

The University also provides you with 10 meg of storage space that shows up as the U drive when you are in a University lab or working on a tech room computer. Heather Conover E EB heather.

If you chose not to use the Caedm email account, that is fine, but you should forward it to an account that you do use. Printing is charged directly to the user’s Signature Card.

Thunderbird is the mail client that replaces Outlook. There is a space limitation that cafdm over time. To map your J Drive, follow these instructions:. You need to download the GTK and install it and then download gimp and install it.

A group filespace will appear as a folder on a personal filespace, but it is a separate entity, with an independent quota. The computers also have media card readers for SD cards, CF cards, and other various memory cards.

Files in the scratch space files vaedm the ‘scratch’ directory do not count against any quota.

It is especially helpful identifying large files bju may have caused a user or group to be over quota. Anything that you place in the www folder on the J drive, will be visible on the internet.


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Individual departments typically use computers with a similar look and feel to a CAEDM lab computer, but with additional resources specific to their students needs. Jim Trent G EB jim. Drive as it would any of its other local disk drives such as it’s C: Users should not place files or folders directly in the groups folder, but in the groups themselves as seen in the example below.

If you are using a laptop computer, keep in mind that BYU Guest wireless and other on-campus networks may not currently support mapping your J Drive.

Follow the steps on this page to create cadem account. Firefox is a web browser that I like better than the microsoft product. There are three general college CAEDM labs as described here, and many other individual department labs. Retrieved from ” https: TA hours and availability are assigned by their employers and can be found on course websites and syllabi.

From the start menu select “Show J Drive Usage”.