All our homesites, including lake front and lake view, will be a minimum size of one acre — ranging to over three acres. L As Allied’ Dunbar we now bring together the services of: Even that price seems to discount all the advantages of Improving capa- city use by splitting ale aid lager between the two breweries. The House of Commons defence committee in a recent report estimated that level funding might result in an actual decline in the budget of 6 per cent in real terms. The apparition of mutilated loved ones is confined:

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The project is the sort of stuff Turkish dreams are made uf and there should be no short- age of demand for shares.

The move contrasted sharply with the style of 8r Boyer, who tended to keep Cabinet col- leagues at a distance and whose undoubted haughtiness helped create considerable tensions within the Government.

Chewing tobacco has a long association with sports players, and Mr Buoniconti has helped shape U.

The hour-long playlet was seen at the Humana Festival, Louisville. Jaguar confidently predicts that the new outlet will sell 50 cars dur- ing the rest of this year, making it one of the most successful Jaguar showrooms in West Germany. Digirton is no accident that there are stair- cases that lead nowhere. If yours is a family of water-sports lovers — swim- ming. Syrian concern about the possibility of lighting spreading to other parts of Lebanon was indicated by the long meeting in Damascus on Monday between President Hafez a I Assad and Mr Husiafha Saad, The list is something of a mixed bag But if the hiving off of Turkish Airlines and other government concerns were to have anything like the success of revenue sharing schemes in the Bosphorus Bridge and the Keban hydro-electric dam.

Am Silep is more than an digitrpn trackless drive south east of Mous- soro across an undulating, sandy landscape dotted with dead trees, animal bones and thorn bushes. Two contracts have been awarded by Fullers Brewery in Chiswick.


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They make abrasive contact, foul-mouthed, tenta- tively advancing and quickly withdrawing, from separate tables in an empty bar. The chiefs accept that the ser- vices have been well treated over the last seven years when the-e had been’ a cumulative real increase of some 15 per cxmera in defence spend- ing. Instead, he saw M Jospin pri- vately on Friday when both men said they had patched up their quarrel. Export demand, supported by investment in plant and equip- ment, has been the main ele- ment making for growth this year and is expected to remain so in 19S6.

Audits are carried out long after the event and a director can norm- ally “deceive the auditor sim-‘ ply by omission of transactions from the accounting records and by suppression of camerz evidence connected with them. President Ronald Reagan has said repeatedly that he cameda make no moves towards normal- ising relations with Vietnam until the MIA issue is resolved and a political settlement is reached in Kampuchea.

The information sys- tems provided by Ceefax, Oracle and on Prestel Gtiservice will up- date the index every 15 minutes on tiie hour, and quarter hours.

Harold Anderson’s annual masterpiece is known and loved by more sports fang throughout the world than any other annual television broadcast.

A greater share of resources, both ss5p and finan- cial. In the view of many observers, the effective ceasefire confirms that the dissidents have an efficient chain of command — and Government argues that the chain of command is ultimately answerable 10 Digktron itself. Away from cities, noise, pol- lution and the rat-race of the workaday world We call it Forbes Lake caemra the Ozarks.

The most significant feature of the past election cam- paign was the near absence of dissident activity in Matabele- land in the run-up to the vote damera during polling itself.


Despite its reputation as the most accurate navigational instrument known, it can be off beam by as much as one nautical mile for every hour of Sight time.

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Forbes Lake of the Ozarks is nestled at the headwaters of the big Lake. The conductor Edward Downes conceals the seams in tbe score with art; gets orches- tral playing that is urgent but also precise, insists on the hard brilliance of the high winds, nurtures Verdi’s shuddering low-register effects — and with all that, is strictly faithful to his singers: And the magnificent Bs, that enabled us to establish the first of many non-stop flights to Europe and cross the Pacific to America.

It safely downloads and verifies your driver and then assists in the installation of it. The air is heavy with the cawing of crows and vultures, the pealing of bells. It is emphasised that no application has been made for these securities to be admitted to listing.

The main jeafures of the current recovery have been particularly strong fixed investment in business and growth in consumption.

And Dr Stollenberg should abandon his plans for income tax cuts in two phases in favour of cutting in one fell swoop next year. He worked out a quick compro- mise spoiling out M Jospin’s role and responsibilities as party leader but also defining vigitron bey role of the Prime Minisier as leader of the governing majority’.

The industry is expected to sell about 23m tele- phones this year. The first and second floors will each accommodate a bed adult acute ward. Guide’s installer software Windows only simplifies the driver installation process.