NET Framework Redistributable 1. Some users may find that using static methods on the data provider’s Trace class to be a more convenient way to enable tracing. Current of Pooled and Non-Pooled Connections. NET connectivity across all supported database versions and distributions with complete functionality. The driver retrieves an available connection. The code page that you specify must be the same as the code page used by your application.

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If you are using the Bourne or Korn shell, type: Users can then add the database drivers, which link the application to the database systems of their choice.

SequeLink Bridges for ODBC, JDBC, & OLEDB – DataDirect Connectivity

If the driver cannot connect because of an improper environment or incorrect connection value, it will display an appropriate error message. Type the host user name.

The HP-UX version of ivtestlib however, requires the full path. In the Username and Password fields, use the values you used to connect to the SequeLink Service step 4 in the previous procedure.

Use this option for applications that cannot handle empty strings in column names.

The following C code fragment uses static methods on the. This option is provided because some applications cannot handle database qualifiers. A pool group is created for each user ID that requests a connection. If the driver cannot be loaded, ivtestlib returns an error message explaining why. This process consists of three main procedures:.


If not specified, the configuration of the default server data source will be used for the connection. Engineers from overleading companies use Stylus Studio, and now you can ask someone from your own organization about their experiences using Stylus Studio.

1 Using the ODBC Client

The main DataDirect Test window shows the following information:. Select a Concatenate check box to see a cumulative record of previous actions; otherwise, only the last action is shown. When set to 32, users of flat-file sequelnk are allowed to abort a long-running query by pressing the ESC key. Datsdirect full coverage from legacy.

Should be set to com. When exporting a table from Microsoft Access that contains Null data in a memo column, Microsoft Access binds the parameter with a columnSize of In the User Name and Password fields, type the required user name and password connection properties; then, click Connect.

One step in preparing to use a driver eequelink to test load it. Example is useful for executing any type of SQL statement, testing database connections and SQL statements, and verifying your database environment. To create a trace log, turn on tracing, start the ODBC application, reproduce the issue, stop the application, and turn off tracing.


This process consists of three main procedures: The data provider traces the input arguments to all of its public method calls, as well as the outputs and returns from those methods anything that a user could potentially call.

To disable tracing, set the Trace value to 0. See Trademarks for appropriate markings.

Each of these options has potential side effects related to its use. Specifies the host or data store user name, which may be required depending on the server configuration.

Configuring An ODBC Data Source Using DataDirect Sequelink Server

Once you are connected, expand the SLSocket54 [active] branch as follows: All connection information must be entered in the connection string because there is no data source storing the information. You can also specify the name and location of the trace datadirrct on this tab.

The connection pool is closed. This field is optional.