While the screen only offers the same x res of smaller models, it does offer more in the way of screen size, making it potentially a more immersive screen for gaming, and a better screen for movie watching. I highly recommend that you make the switch as soon as you can. I would have preferred to have seen color temperature settings for the experts and meaningful presets for movies, graphics, work, and so on for more casual users. Certainly it is 1 the abundant screen space which enables me to do lega l research on one side of the screen and do a full-page draft-and-edit on the other side; 2 the uniquely pleasing and classy design of the monitor from every angle, and particularly the monitor stand itself; and 3 the admittedly bright and amazingly crisp screen image. The two USB ports in the back are nice for routing the cables of more permanently attached devices, while the side ports can be used for quick hookups to USB flash drives and such. However, Dell has updated the design and styling quite a bit relative to their other xx07 LCD models.

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Dell 2707WFP: Looking for the Middle Ground of Large LCDs

No lag or ghosting. The 27″ 270w7fp offers a larger screen size to the 24″ models same resolution and so while office users might not appreciate the extra size and increased pixel pitch, movie users should benefit from the extra screen size.

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Dell WFP LCD Monitor | eBay

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. I threw everything at it with the highest settings in BioShock and the Crysis demo and there was absolutely nothing to complain about. Most of the specifications are similar to what we expect to see in any of the best large LCDs.

If I didn’t need exceptionally accurate color, the WFP might even suffice by itself–it’s large enough to view two letter-size facing pages at actual size, a dizzying number of Adobe Lightroom image thumbnails, and twice as many rows and columns in Excel or Access as are visible on the CRT–not to mention providing enough space to make Outlook’s right-hand preview pane layout practical.


Dell Flat Panel Monitor After during research about flat panel monitors and the advice of friends, I decided to search Ebay for what was on the available list and found this model at what I thought was a very good price especially for the larger size.

Continue to next page 01 You get VGA, DVI, S-Video, composite, and component inputs; you can easily switch between the various inputs at the press of a button on the front of the display. Laptop Panel Parts Database.

Dell 2707WFP LCD Monitor

We will see how the Dell WFP rates in actual testing in a moment, but let’s start with the manufacturer’s specifications. Though the WFP has most of the features you’d consider essential in a display, it had some notable omissions. S-PVA technology, especially where overdrive technologies are excessively used, do not lend themselves well to movie playback in terms of noise and twinkling, but this should not prove an issue when viewing the screen from a sensible distance.

The pixel defect policy is also djsplay reasonable, as we were informed by a support technician that they will replace an LCD if you have six or more dead pixels or three or more clustered together.

Best Selling in Monitors See all. The way the math works out, the WFP has a resolution density of about 83 pixels per inch; that’s effectively the same as working on a inch monitor at 1,x The flat is light and with the tilt adjustments, it can be placed just about any place on your desk or on top of your computer for flat top models.

The additional inputs are a huge plus as well for me seeing as I have rigged a HD sat box connection to mine through the component inputs R-G-B. Recently I opened another office location and bought a used WFP on ebay.


Dell UltraSharp WFP Specs – CNET

I think it is important to consider that the extra screen size can lend itself well to multimedia application, but it may not be as suited to office work as a smaller model.

We moved around the lushly detailed world of Gothic 3 at the full x resolution. The only displsy that even remotely rivals this monitor at present is the Gateway XHD which is a 30 inch with scaler as well which was just released, however, that monitor is double the cost of this one for only a third more real estate. For the most part this works smoothly, although we did run into a hiccup: Some delll buyers are put off by this, thinking image sharpness may be lost and pixels may appear dispkay big.

It confused me at first, but I guess it doesn’t make sense to enable that menu if you are already running the monitor at x Dell customer support have confirmed the support of HD content as follows: Too Low eell Resolution?: Fortunately, BenQ have addressed this, but it has become a hot topic when it comes to looking for a new widescreen format monitor.

Discussion threads can be closed 2707sfp any time at our discretion.

I cannot tell you whether these monitors are great for watching DVD or Blu-Ray, or for high-end computer gaming. The solid glass base provides an unshakable ballast, and perhaps more important, spilled orange juice comes right off with a little Windex.

This is not a first hand review of the screen although we hope to feature that soonmore of an advanced look at the screen and it’s features as well as an insight into its performance in a similar style to previous articles we have run. You will be amazed at the quality of the picture, when compared to a CRT screen.