The one you’ve been waiting for. Please update your billing details here. There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot. Very difficult to explain and the only analogy I can think of is an overshot waterwheel. My enthusiasm was somewhat dampened by the discovery of the large fan unit that projects off the back of the unit, necessary for cooling as the small chassis leaves little room for ventilation or cooling fans. Imagine the pin is the water, pushing the buckets back sequentially.

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Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. Advanced editors looking to hx2 frame-by-frame MTV-style cuts or more customized chapter stops and menu designs will want to stick with a PC-based editing and DVD-authoring solution.

In our tests, we loved the hard disk and TiVo features for television watching, but for videographers, d,r are completely unecessary. From the Service Manual. The Panasonic is a progressive scan player, and the back panel has component outs, S-video out and in, composite out and in, and analog audio out and in.

Basic editing functions allow you to delete commercials from recorded mdr or nip and tuck old home movies imported from a VCR or DV camcorder–or any other non-Macrovision-protected external video source–before permanently archiving to DVD-R. The remote is silver, has buttons which are not very well grouped, and is not backlit.


OK with RAM discs for a while until today when it crashed trying to erase a track and was unable to recover after about 15 attempts. Next, we cabled a Sony Dme camcorder to the unit via FireWire, which was a snap due to the front-mounted FireWire input.

The interface is fairly straight forward and allows you to tune things further. Four different recording modes are available: The addition of this hard drive is nothing short of brilliant, as it has the potential to not only revolutionize the way we perform television and camcorder recording, but also to change the way we use the new wave of DVD-recordable devices.

Panasonic DMR-HS2 Specs – CNET

My enthusiasm was somewhat dampened by the discovery of the large fan unit that projects off the back of the ns2, necessary for cooling as the small chassis leaves little room for ventilation or cooling fans. The noise that this fan made could be heard as a high pitched whine up-close, but I did not hear it when the player was in the audio cabinet.

We’ve changed, we promise. Thanks for the prompt info. See all 2 pre-owned listings. I have other recorders whose recorded discs do NOT play back properly on most players.

The unit has a second commercial skip feature and the ability to begin playing the beginning of a recording before it’s finished.

I could then buy a straight DVD recorder to back my edited stuff from the hard drive onto.

Notify me of new posts by email. I was able to hs22 the gear through a gap in the casing. Under it lies such important buttons as chapter skip and CM skip.


Panasonic DMR-HS2 DVD Recorder

And a component video output provides switchable interlaced or hs22 output, but video purists will lament the absence of a component video input, which is found on the competing Philips DVDR Accessibility Links Skip to content. Nevertheless, the DMR-HS2 is a huge step forward for more casual, living room-based nonlinear editing.

The remote handles the unit’s TV-viewing, hard disk, and DVD-recording functions, mostly through onscreen menus. Combine sound effects with motion graphics for greater impact.

Would the best route be djr machine that records all formats inc RAM discs? Those looking for the convenience of a dedicated DVR will be disappointed. Best 4K TV The door is flimsy, difficult to open and not smooth.

Panasonic DMR-HS2 DVD Recorder with Hard Disk

Best of all, videos stored on the hard disk can be dumped to DVD with a few simple clicks of the remote. Only 8 hours at high quality.

Without the hard disk, you’d have to laboriously work the pause button to delete commercials in real time or tediously rewind, fast-forward, pause, and play your videotaped source material.