ENCAD products were being sold through a growing network of over 60 distributors, who supplied hundreds of resellers internationally. In the spring of the company introduced an inkjet printer that could print high-resolution images directly onto specially coated fabrics, a concept that appealed greatly to the fashion industry. Several other patent infringements were claimed, though these were dismissed in August Sign up for our free newsletter. For many of its customers, the NovaJet printer allowed the convenience of doing work in-house that had previously been farmed out to print shops that owned expensive large-format electrostatic or thermal printing equipment. Encad’s products deliver brilliant color images quickly and cost-effectively, and are designed to increase user productivity in a variety of applications, including sign making, point-of-purchase graphics, photographic enlargement, graphic arts, fine art, textile design, and computer-aided design. Marine Shipbuilding innovation to sustainably reduce the cost of developing future fleets Explore Industry.

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Chief competitor Hewlett-Packard, which had been caught off-guard by Inf release of the first NovaJet, introduced its own wide-format inkjet printer in Mayand soon gobbled up a majority of the market.

While sales were respectable at first, the company had strong competition from the much larger Hewlett-Packard, which controlled 70 percent of the market. One-stop shopping for millions of records.

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Its continued success would likely depend on those same factors, as the competition for market share continued unabated. By utilizing Kodak’s member service organization, we can provide outstanding responsiveness combined with technical excellence”, said Brad Kruchten, president, Encad.

This brought a significant number of new customers to the company, as sign-making companies snapped up ENCAD products. Having gone from being a small, continually struggling concern during the s to a major player in the wide-format printer market of the late s, the success of ENCAD showed that the perseverance of its founders and the company’s innovative designs could win it a significant market share despite the efforts of the Goliath-like Hewlett-Packard to vanquish it.


This newly designed wide-format inkjet printer was the first of its type on the market, and its low price and high-quality printing work made it an instant success. Shipbuilding innovation to sustainably reduce the cost of developing future fleets.

Hewlett-Packard also started a trade-in program, offering generous allowances to customers who brought in an ENCAD printer when purchasing a new Hewlett-Packard model.

Integration of mechanical, software and electronic systems technologies for vehicle systems.

Type the code shown: ENCAD products were being sold through a growing network of over 60 distributors, who supplied hundreds of resellers internationally. Today, ENCAD offers the best products in the markets we serve, and we plan to continue to offer our customers exciting encae imaging products and technologies. Innovation and collaborative, synchronized program management for new programs.

The standard method of testing new fabric patterns was expensive and could take six to eight weeks, but the ENCAD Digital Textile System offered same-day turnaround. The offering was a success, with the price surging over the next innc years.

Live Webinar 06 December 2 Sessions available Front-loading controls validation using virtual calibration. A claim that the company was violating a patent used to produce a metal encoder strip was settled in earlywith ENCAD agreeing to make royalty payments.

Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: This type of agreement allowed ENCAD to manufacture specific enca of its products for other companies, who would sell the product under their own brand names.

Compared to a pen-plotter device, the NovaJet offered higher-resolution images, a wider range of colors, and was as much as 20 times faster. The newer models of NovaJet printers had already been designed around this part, so the problem was not a major one for the company. October 15, Simcenter Amesim Live Webinar 06 December 2 Sessions available. Sign up for our free newsletter.


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Over the next few years ENCAD would open sales offices in several important foreign business regions. In this accounted for only five percent of encxd, but the figure grew to eight percent by and was expected to reach 20 percent in ENCAD’s printers produce high-quality color images on a variety of surfaces for use in the computer-aided design, graphic arts, sign-making, and fashion industries.

Product innovation through effective management of integrated formulations, packaging and manufacturing processes. Mobile Search Bar Clear search field Search. Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center. The new OEM agreement added more fuel to the company’s rivalry with Hewlett-Packard, as the larger company had been dumped as Kodak’s supplier of wide-format printers in the process.

As the success of its products gave ENCAD a reputation for onc, it was able to dncad other lines of printers to sell to different segments of the market.

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We are targeting the signage and textile markets, and may target other high-growth markets in the future. While Hewlett-Packard continued to dominate the overall encar that ENCAD was a part of, its sights were still set on weakening or eliminating its competitor. ENCAD also signed an OEM agreement with Kodak to produce some of the new printers to be sold under the Kodak name as part of a specially customized, full-featured imaging system.