Within the script, use the document to refer to the current document. Example will be appreciated. BeforeClass ; import org. Thanks a lot for sharing, Can you share your thoughts on how to perform with DragAndDrop Action using javascript? You just need to import org. When above code is executed successfully, it will it will fetch the details of the site and navigate to different page as shown below. AfterClass ; import org.

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It uses a combination of mouse movement, keystrokes and Cross-domain policy file specification.

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver With Examples

ajvascriptexecutor Interaction with a web page requires a user to locate the web It means everything inside the script will be executed by the browser and not the server.

Step 5 Verify the output it should display more than milliseconds import java. JavaScriptExecutor is the Selenium interface which is implemented by the following classes: Generated the ‘Alert’ window using JavaScriptExecutor. It will send a callback to the server-side Testing suite once the script is done. What is JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium? This callback is always injected into the executed function as the last argument.


Our test site is: Application waits for 5 sec to perform a further action. Example of executeAsyncScript Using the executeAsyncScript, helps to improve the performance of your test.

Illustrated how to click on an element through JavaScriptExecutor, if selenium fails to click on element due wdbdriver some issue.

Execute JavaScript with JavascriptExecutor | Selenium-11

Performing a sleep in the browser under test. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing.

Hi Amol, Please try below code. Click a button to login and generate Alert window 2 Example: AutoIt v3 is also freeware.

Onur Baskirt September 8, at 8: Thanks anyways will try to use other techniques available in your above article. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver With Examples

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Did you use the techniques in this article? JavascriptExecutor provides a way to automate a user interaction even when page is not essentially loaded completely or elements are placed in a way that the direct interaction is blocked.


Step 1 Capture the start time before waiting for 5 seconds milliseconds by using executeAsyncScript method. The JS so executed is single-threaded with a various callback function which runs synchronously. Most times when troubleshooting failure it’s best to view the browser’s console after executing the WebDriver request.

Execute JavaScript with JavascriptExecutor | Selenium

JavascriptExecutor ; import org. Python Selenium Quick Start Guide.

Manoj Pahuja March 10, at 4: Hi Sampath, Thanks for your valuable comments. By ; import org.

Execute JavaScript with executeScript Method JavascriptExecutor interface comprises of executeScript method that executes JavaScript in the context of the currently selected frame or window. JavaScriptExecutor is used when Selenium Webdriver fails to click on any element due to some issue.