The Trust Manager shown here does not validate certificate chains and is therefore unsafe and should not be used for production code. MarkLogic takes privacy very seriously. Point-in-time queries allow you to query older versions of content in a database. The query will then run at the specified point in time. This loads the file at hello. You can use the Java keytool utility to import a MarkLogic certificate into a keystore.

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Managing Client Side Authentication You can define xxc KeyManagerif your client application is required to send authentication credentials to the server. For details about XA, see: A Session object should not be used concurrently by multiple threads. This section has the following parts:. If you use multi-statement transactions or set the transaction time limit when using XCC version 8.

This is xccc very simple class that will submit an XQuery string to the server and return the result. If the heuristic decision was remembered by setting the remember parameter of xdmp: You might also need to enable session affinity or sticky sessions in your load balancer.

NET Connectors for 8.

The server certificate command line parameter may be any of the following: Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, You must immediately destroy all complete and partial copies of the Product, including all backup copies, and provide MarkLogic with a certificate, signed by You or Your authorized officer if applicablecertifying that You have destroyed the Product and all copies thereof in compliance with this Agreement. MarkLogic Server sometimes detects the need to retry a transaction.


Consequently, the configuration shown in the diagram xcd allows the XCC application on System A to submit XQuery requests including query, load, update and delete for evaluation against databased1. The term of the license granted herein is limited to the fixed period specified in the administrative interface of the Software, or such other period as approved by MarkLogic in writing “License Term”.

Download and install JBossTS 4. This chapter provides background on XCC and includes the following sections: The following is a sample command to run the ModuleRunner class: For example, you might need to add the following libraries to your classpath: After an XQuery statement has finished but before the XCC request is completed In the middle of an explicit commit or rollback If such a rollback occurs, the current transaction is terminated before control reaches your exception handler.

Once you enlist the Sessionany work performed in the session is part of the global transaction. To enable SSL access using a trust manager, import the following classes in addition to those described in Coding Basics: A Session object represents a conversation with a contentbase database on a MarkLogic Server instance ContentSource and holds state information related to that conversation.

This Developer License Agreement “Agreement” is a legal agreement between you, whether you are an individual or an entity, as the end user referred herein as “You” and MarkLogic Corporation “MarkLogic”.

You may disable result caching per request by creating a RequestOption object with the setting disabled, and associating it with a request, either directly with Request. Usually, an exception raised during multi-statement transaction processing leaves the Session open, allowing you to continue working in the transaction after handling the exception.

A SessionID cookie looks similar to the following: This Agreement may be terminated a by You at any time or b by MarkLogic at any time. This is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between You and MarkLogic relating to the use of the Product as set forth herein and supersedes all prior oral or written understandings and agreements with respect to the subject matter herein.


XCC for MarkLogic 8 — MarkLogic Developer Community

Net code Type marshalling Document management and streaming inserts. The server certificate command line parameter may be any of the following:. This is a specialized Content implementation that takes an InputStream and will either buffer the content of the stream if it’s small enough, or copy the content to a temporary disk file otherwise. This remembered state is automatically cleaned up if the global transaction eventually completes with the same outcome as the heuristic decision.

Doing so eventually causes rollback of the global XA transaction.

XCC for MarkLogic 8

The following is a sample command to run the HelloSecureWorld class, accepting any certificate and no client authentication the XDBC App Server needs ssl require client certificate set to false for this configuration. The source code for these sample markogic is bundled with the Javadocs.

For the avoidance of doubt, if a license term is not otherwise specified or agreed marklogc by MarkLogic, the term of the license shall be limited to one 1 year.