A vertical extensometer can be mounted between the upper and lower platen on one side wall of He lower platen wall opposite to the one with the alignment bar and cam rollers. It was emphasised that this letter should be short and focus on the reasons why the Committee considered that the proposed Pooling arrangements were not in the best interests of the Kent Superannuation Fund and its pensioners. This device can only be loaded from the top. The Statement of Investment Principles. For this device to work properly, the loading plane should be perfectly aligned with the vertical diametral plane of the specimen, and the loading system should be very accurately aligned.

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The back plate is Men brought close to the specimen and screwed in place.

The specimen can be rocked in the lower platen to make sure that it has full contact with the extensometer assembly and hence ascertaining the longitudinal alignment of 653 specimen with the loading strips Figure And. For Me later case, repeat Me procedure again. However, only the MTS device is rigidly connected to the loading system.

Rotate the specimen so Mat Me first diametral axis coincides completely wig Me etched line on Me plexi- glass window. The Baladi device used in this study was supplied by the Gilson Company, Inc.

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Due to the size of the device and counterbalance system, the device cannot be conveniently used within a conventional environmental chamber. Apply the epoxy at the gluing surfaces on the mounting blocks, and then carefully align the alignment device such that the lines marked on the support legs match the diametral axes. The absence of resistance to vef movement in the transverse direction might be considered as a drawback of the device. Now, tighten the support legs in position. Then mark the diametral axis on Me front and back of Me specimen without moving the specimen making sure Mat it passes Trough the center points.


The horizontal lines are precision-etched so A-8 Cl c: Different gage lengths along the two axes – – The following equations were derived for the analysis of tests on 4 in. Rocking tendency is 63353 by applying light pressure near the approximate vertical diametral plane on the top of the specimen 20bb the front and back faces. The equations derived for a 4 in. The MTS device is simple in design. Once Mat is accomplished, the thumbscrews are unscrewed which pulls the extensometer assembly on to the me in the horizontal diametral plane.

A marking tool, which is essentially a long steel bar plate rod, etc.

Agenda and minutes

However, absence of resistance friction in the vertical direction ensures that the load cell measures the full load applied to the specimen. Tape the EVDT connecting wires to the specimen so that He weight of He A connecting wire does not pull down on the glued mounting block when the alignment assembly is taken off.

The deformations are measured by extensometer assemblies supplied by MTS. A hinged plexi- glass window is provided wig horizontal lines etched on it. Remove the alignment device by lifting it vertically from the surface of the specimen. Use a flashlight, if 63553, to make sure that the axes match with the center lines on He legs.


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It was emphasised that this letter should be short and focus on the reasons why the Committee considered that the proposed Pooling arrangements were not in the best interests of the Kent Superannuation Fund and its pensioners.

Remove the alignment device by vertically lifting it over the sample. To overcome this problem, a load cell can be place between the lower curved loading strip and the lower stationary plate [ The holders are movable by a fine screw adjustment that makes it very easy to zero the EVDTs prior to testing.

Poisson’s ratio m and resilient modulus MR are determined by Me following two equations: Sign up for email notifications and we’ll let you know 20bb new publications in your areas of interest when they’re released.

Next, uniformly mix the epoxy on a glass plate or other suitable surface.

Communications Policy Statement; and. Device Description’ The device has two brass arms fitted perpendicular to each other.

The thinner load strips formerly used were provided less contact area and were believer to be deforming due to a pre-existing deformation in the upper platen. Very thin lines were precisely drawn at the ends of the loading strips to facilitate alignment of the specimen.