I would suggest you invest in coaching ahead of buying another racket. This racquet is excellent in both defensive and offensive drives. What tensions do you have in your racquets now? The trade off can sometimes be better, especially if it means an increase in power for your overhead strokes. The same applies to choosing string and tension. Tonight something happened, i miss hit the shuttle and it bounced off the rim of the racquet head, and i continued playing, after 5 mins i realized that i had less power!!

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Lamia-farjana August 6, at It would help the retailer if you wrote nanospewd history of the racket from when you bought it. With sonic metal, badminton player gets high racket repulsion which results into quick badminton shot delivery.

Yonex NANOSPEED Red Badminton Racket NS (3U-G5)

You will also find the shuttle moves off your racket faster. I still believe a session with a coach will nanospded identify major flaws in your technique if there are any. And forgot to tell one more thing: What I usually suggest for any player is that you play with a few racquets and find the one you like best.


Paul July 5, at 2: I feel that both rackets dont give me sufficient power and control over shots — and I believe this is largely due to type of string and tension I use. It is head light frame configuration which will give you more racket swing and accurate shuttle control. The performance on the NS is as what u have describe.

Yonex Nanospeed Badminton Racket Review

In other words, give them the story. Lamia-farjana July 26, at My son is aged 13 and is now playing at a reasonable level bronze U Overall with these changes in racket frame, badminton player will get better power on smashes.

More repulsion power and better stability. For example, Aggressive badminton players are always required rackets with extra power while on other hand, player with defensive playing style preferred to play with lightweight badminton racket which they can move very fast with easy control.


Due to thinner shaft, Inertia a property is also improves which gives better stability of shaft. It you are looking for some middle ground, then surely an even balance racket makes sense? More repulsion more, better feel and more stability. Is it worth it?

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Badminton racquet Yonex Nanospeed with extra lightweight graphite construction 2-year warranty Selected variant: Better Swing speed helps in quick shot placements. Abroz DG67 Power 0.

Yonex Nanospeed 50 Badminton Racket. I am aware about Arcsaber Paul January 24, at 9: What Makes It Awesome? So please have your technique checked. Do u think same? Sam You have a genuine case to take your racket to the retailer. Paul My son is aged 13 and is now playing at a reasonable level bronze U Racquet with medium flexibility and classic head shape Racquet weight: So I would also reccommend you test other medium flex or flexible shafted rackets and see if you get more power from them.

As u may say…. Once I made the adjustment, the racquet delivered every time, although I would have liked the extra string tension.